1973 Porsche 911


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French title Engine n° 6630355 - Delivered new by Porsche Marseille - One of the first 500 built - Exceptional original condition - 77 500 km from new - Second owner since 1984 By definition, a Porsche Carrera RS is designed to compete, and it is rare to find examples that haven't been raced, even on a modest scale. However, that is not the case with the car on offer that comes with a truly outstanding history and in exceptional condition. The story begins in 1972. A doctor from Marseille, a Porsche enthusiast who had a 911 S as his daily driver, was offered a 2.7-litre RS by his dealer, when the manufacturer was trying to sell the first 500 examples quickly in order to get group 4 homologation. To make the car more useable, the dealer proposed the Touring option that had a rather more civilised interior, with passenger headrest, for this early version. Tempted, but wanting to remain discreet, the doctor asked that there were no external " Carrera " inscriptions. As with all the 2.7 RS examples delivered new in France (confirmed by Jürgen Barth), the classic front spoiler of the RS had not been homologated, and #485 was therefore delivered in white fitted originally with the front bumper of a 2.4L S. Despite the special features enjoyed by his car, the owner hardly drove it and continued to use his 2.4. His neighbour, also a sports car enthusiast, compensated for his more limited means with a mechanical prowess that led him to restore a Dauphine, a Floride as well as an AC Bristol. A friendship developed between the two men and when the doctor passed away in 1984, he left the RS to his neighbour in his will. The car has not changed hands since that time, and its second owner has taken as much care with it as its first owner did. He has been careful not to drive it too much, and today the car has covered just 77,500 km. It is completely original, with Fuchs wheels and rear boot-lid with the famous duck-tail spoiler. Even the discreet " Carrera RS " inscription on the back is the original one put on by the Bayol garage before delivery. The interior, with the Touring specification corresponding to a 911 S, is impeccable. With its light weight and more powerful engine (210 bhp), the Carrera RS was capable of covering a kilometre from a standing start in 25.4 seconds and had a top speed of 240 km/h. The test drive in this exceptional car took place in magnificent sunshine, following the famous Route des Crêtes from Marseille to La Ciotat. It is impressive to experience the liveliness of its engine and the excellent road handling of this 1973 rocket. Its light weight makes it a joy to drive on the winding, hilly roads. Its completely original condition, that includes the paintwork, makes it uniquely special. It should be noted that the differences between a Lightweight and one of the first 500 RS models are minimal. Simply that panels are thinner and the interior is more basic in a Lightweight. Amongst the few rare 2.7L RS examples on the market, this one is unique for its history (delivered new in Marseille), its two owners, having been owned by the second since 1984, its originality with matching numbers, original paintwork, service books and even the temporary title from 1973. For the enthusiast, this is an exceptional opportunity.