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Snapshot, 1967: A godsend in New York

A 1967 Porsche with, for the first time, a removable Targa roof, rollover bar and foldable plastic rear window. And what better place to savour the driver's new-found freedom than the urban canyons of New York?

Two years have passed since Porsche unveiled a new convertible at the 1965 Frankfurt Motor Show, aimed squarely at the American market and hence with the emphasis on safety, as required by U.S. regulations. Production began in December 1966 - with overseas clients being given the opportunity to collect the car in person from Zuffenhausen and ship it back to their homes in America. What a thrill it must have been to roar through the streets of Manhattan, dodging the Yellow Cabs, in a brand-new Targa-topped Porsche.

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