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Get lost in the black beauty of Singer’s Swiss Porsche 911 restomod

American restomod company Singer has ‘restored, reimagined, and reborn’ a number of Porsche 911s now, many of which wear vibrant colour schemes. But this car, built for delivery to Switzerland, is the first to be painted black – perhaps reflecting the understatement prevalent in its new hometown…

Singer’s expertly restomodded Porsche 911s boast the poise, purpose and all-round perfection of a prize stallion, but this particular example would give the main character from Anna Sewell’s classic a run for its money. Each bespoke car to leave the California company’s premises takes on the name of its destination – and if you can’t make it to Goodwood to watch the latest ‘Newcastle’ 4.0-litre bolt up the hill, then browse our gallery of ‘Switzerland’ cantering around the Californian mountains before delivery to its new stable.

Photos: Singer Vehicle Design

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