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Into the wild with this Portuguese Porker

While most would preserve (or at least restore) a rare Oelklappe 911 2.4 T, this brown example is tearing up the coastal roads of Portugal in its original rusted and peeling paint. With roof-rack and yellow headlamps, it’s clear there’s no taming this wild Portuguese Porker…

Young at heart

Whether in the lush archipelagos of the Azores, against the brown cliffs of Madeira, or juxtaposed with the Silver and Blue Coasts, this brown Porsche 911 2.4 T Oelklappe simply seems at home at every lookout on the Portuguese coast. And with its original paint sealed in vinyl, driving through the country’s endless streams, muddy backroads, and rocky hillside tracks is a breeze. The car is currently being sold by Timeless Garage, and while it’s not ‘perfect’, 120,000 euros for this well-loved Portuguese Porker seems like a bargain to us — how much are flights to Lisbon?

Photos: Timeless Garage

You can find this 1972 Porsche 911 2.4 T Oelklappe listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market, along with Timeless Garage’s entire inventory.