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General Terms and Conditions for Subscribers and Dealers (GTC)

1. General/Scope

a. General

Classic Driver (Schweiz) AG, Schaffhauserstrasse 239, 8057 Zurich, Switzerland (“Classic Driver”) operates a virtual marketplace for various products and services (“products”) joining sellers and buyers on the Internet under the address (incl. sub-domains, the “website”). Classic Drivers offers their customers (“subscribers”) web space on their website for their product advertisements (“ads”, “advertisements”) to sell products to their interested third parties (“users”).

b. Scope

These General Terms and Conditions (“GTCs”), as well as the documents referenced herein, such as the price list, apply to the contractual relationship between Classic Driver and its subscriber as well as to the use of the website by the subscriber and to all services that Classic Driver provides for the subscriber in association with the website.

GTCs issued by the subscriber do not apply to the contractual relationship between Classic Driver and the subscriber.

c. Position of Classic Driver

The Website is merely a virtual market place operated by Classic Driver for its subscribers to place advertisements of Products. The Website does not provide means for the conclusion of contracts between the subscribers and the users. Classic Driver is bound neither as broker nor agent nor party nor representative of a party in the relationship between the subscriber and the user. Contracts that are initiated as a result of an advertisement placed on the website and will be concluded and fulfilled without any involvement of or by Classic Driver.

1. Subscription

a. Clientele

Natural as well as legal entities based in Switzerland or abroad may subscribe to the services of Classic Driver.

Legal entities must register as dealers (“dealers”). Dealers are a sub-category of subscribers. Subscribers which are not dealers are referred to as “private subscribers”. Classic Driver may allow exceptions regarding the qualification of a legal entity as a dealer upon request. Classic driver may create further subscriber categories.

Minors and persons incapable of acting legally are excluded from subscribing to the service.

b. Conclusion of the Contract

The contract between Classic Driver and the subscriber for the use of the subscriber area enters into force as soon as (i) the subscriber has submitted to Classic Driver either a signed contract or, to the extent that Classic Driver offers this option on its website, has submitted a corresponding electronic registration form offering to conclude a contract and (ii) Classic Driver has accepted this offer by providing access to the website.

Classic Driver will exercise its own discretion in accepting or rejecting an offer.

c. Creation of the Subscriber Profile

Classic Driver provides a web template for the subscriber to create a subscriber profile. The subscriber profile contains general information (e.g., name, contact details and a short description of the subscriber) and will be published on the website and made generally accessible to all users.

The information submitted by the subscriber will be prepared by Classic Driver for release on the website and the layout will be adapted to the requirements of the Internet as well to the “look and feel” of the website.

d. Accuracy of the Subscriber Profile

The subscriber must ensure that all information used in creating the subscriber profile (e.g., texts, logos, images) is accurate and stays up-to-date over time.

e. Dealer Packages

Dealers must register for “dealer packages” which include a specific number of advertisements per month as well as specific services, which are included in the subscription fee (c.f. Clause 6). As soon as the dealer has exhausted the number of advertisements per month, no more advertisements can be placed.

The subscription fee is a flat fee. No subscription fee will be credited or refunded if the dealer does not exhaust the number of advertisements per month.

If the dealer would like to place additional advertisements, he must request through the website, in writing or by e-mail an upgrade of the dealer package. The services will then be continued according to the terms of the upgraded dealer package for the remaining time period of the agreement, as well as for the renewal periods. If the dealer requests a bigger dealer package, he/she will owe and must pay the difference between the original subscription fee for the current dealer package and the one for the newly selected dealer package for the remainder of the contract period and any extensions plus the originally agreed-upon amount.

If the dealer would like a smaller dealer package then he has to inform Classic Driver latest 10 days before the termination of his current dealer package in written or by e-mail. For the remaining period until the expiration of the first or any subsequent subscription period the conditions of the original dealer package apply, upon which time the conditions of the newly selected dealer package apply.

f. Purchase of Advertisings by Private Subscribers

Private subscribers may only book single ads. They may freely choose from the available options, e.g., the duration of the advertisement publication.

g. Right of Withdrawal for Subscribers with Domicile in Germany

In case you act as a consumer according to the applicable German legal provisions you may withdraw your consent to the agreement with Classic Driver within 14 days after the contract was concluded without stating reasons. In order to achieve this, please write to the postal or e-mail address as it appears in the imprint with the subject “Withdrawal of Consent According to Distant Selling Regulation”. The timely dispatch is sufficient to observe the deadline, and you will not be bound to the agreement with Classic Driver any more. Payment obligations for the period up to the withdrawal persist. Your withdrawal right expires prematurely in case the agreement has been completely fulfilled by both parties in accordance to your express wish before you exercise your withdrawal right.

2. Use of the Website

a. The Subscriber’s Area

Subscribers are granted access to a restricted area on the website. The restricted area (“subscriber’s area”) is only accessible by exclusive means of authentication. In the subscriber area, special functions are available to upload and edit ads.

b. Legitimation and access data

The subscriber will receive a password and user name as means of authentication for access to the subscriber’s area in order to place, modify or delete advertisements (“access data”).

Private subscriber accounts may not be transferred to, or used by, third parties. Dealer accounts may not be transferred to third parties either; however they may be used by multiple employees. Access data have to be kept confidential at any time. In case of a disclosure of access data to third parties the subscriber has to change his password immediately. Whenever a certain set of access data is used on the website, Classic Driver may assume, and the access is deemed to have originated from, such subscriber. The subscriber is personally wholly responsible for the use of his/her subscriber account by third parties.

c. Advertisements

An advertisement contains a presentation of an offer, for which the subscriber is solely responsible, and by which the subscriber is looking for interested parties for the product or service mentioned in such ad.

After the subscriber has uploaded and published an advertisement, it will be accessible for the external users of the website and for queries through the search forms (and possibly the websites of Classic Driver’s cooperation partners).

If a user is interested in a product of a subscriber, such user must contact the subscriber autonomously either via the contact data which is published on the website or the contact function of the website. The terms and conditions are negotiated, and the contract is concluded directly between the subscriber and the user, without participation of, and outside the scope of Classic Driver.

An advertisement is published on the website and can be viewed by the users for the agreed publication period and any agreed extension period. Upon expiration of the publication period the advertisements are automatically de-activated and moved to the archive.

The subscriber may, for the prices referenced under Number 6, place any number of advertisements on the website (dealers by buying additional dealer packages).

d. Content of Advertisements

Any information communicated to Classic Driver and/or uploaded and published on the website must be true and accurate and kept up-to-date over time. In particular, as soon as a product has been sold or is no longer available for any other reasons, the subscriber must update immediately the respective advertisement or delete it.

The subscriber is obligated to adhere to good faith, in particular, to make correct, honest statements about the product being offered. Properties that are essential to users, e.g., known or suspected defects in a product, must be stated in the advertisement. However, the ad does not have to contain detailed terms and conditions of the contract. It is not an offer, but rather a non-binding invitation by the subscriber to receive an offer by the user. As such, the advertisement serves primarily to establish a contact between the subscriber and the user.

The subscriber may only advertise for products, of which he/she is legally entitled to dispose of, i.e. products, of which he/she is the sole owner without encumbrance and which he/she is entitled to transfer.

The subscriber is obligated to comply with all applicable legal regulations in formulating the content of the advertisements he/she places on the website.

The subscriber may only advertise products, for which there is a product category provided on the website. Offering several different products (individually or as a package) in a single advertisement is prohibited. The subscriber is obligated to publish product advertisements in the applicable product category. The subscriber is not permitted to include links to external websites or contact information (web or e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) in his/her advertisements or to advertise for products or services that do not correspond to the category in which the advertisement is published.

e. Practices Prohibited for Technical Reasons

Any actions by the subscriber (e.g., use of software, scripts or other mechanisms), that have or could have a negative effect on the regular and proper operation of the website are prohibited. The subscriber must refrain from any actions that could excessively burden the website’s technical infrastructure.

The use of robots, crawlers and the like to copy the content of the website is prohibited. Classic Driver may order the subscriber to delete all data which is collected by such means. Claims by Classic Driver for damage compensation are reserved.

f. Intellectual Property

The subscriber must ensure that all necessary information for creating his subscriber profile (e.g., texts, logos, images) do not infringe third-party rights. In particular, it is prohibited to neither use copyrighted third party material (e.g., pictures or product descriptions) from the Internet which the subscriber did not create on his own or has not been granted a license for.

The subscriber herewith grants Classic Driver a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free right to publish, reproduce, edit, disseminate, create derivate works of and sublicense the content (especially text, image, audio and video content) transferred to Classic Driver both online and offline (e.g. in print or online media). This license includes especially the right to use the content for advertisement and marketing purposes. Classic Driver is entitled to integrate the subscriber’s advertisements into other print and online media (e.g. trade magazines, websites of Classic Driver’s cooperation partners or social media channels), as well as into software applications, e-mails or marketing campaigns.

All rights to intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, and other protected rights) with respect to layout, information, elements, and content on the website, with the exception of content provided by the subscriber, are owned by Classic Driver or are subject to license agreements. All rights remain with Classic Driver and/or the original rights holder. The publication, reproduction, transmission, editing and/or linking of the layout, information, elements and contents of the website for any public and/or commercial purpose of any form requires the prior written consent of Classic Driver.

The publication of the subscriber’s own advertisements in social networks (e.g., Facebook) or on websites which are operated by the subscriber himself (such as blogs) is permitted. In such cases, a link to the original advertisement on the Classic Driver website has to be set.

g. Blocking or Removal of Advertisements by Classic Driver

For legitimate reasons, in particular if provisions of this Number 3 are violated, Classic Driver may block or delete the subscriber’s advertisements wholly or partially without consulting the subscriber and without stating any reasons.

No subscription fees will be credited or refunded if Classic Driver blocks or deletes an advertisement. Classic Driver shall not be held liable for any blocking or deletion.

3. Duration and Completion of the Contractual Relationship

a. Contract for Indefinite Term; Termination for Convenience

The Contract is concluded for an indefinite term.

b. Form of the Notice

The dealer packages and private listings are valid for a limited period of time. When this term expires, the account is automatically disabled and the listings are taken offline. You do not need to send a notice confirming your cancellation.

If you choose to store your card details, the package will be renewed automatically the day before the expiry date, and the account will automatically be charged. In this case, you will need to confirm your intention to cancel with our market team.

c. Termination for Cause

Notwithstanding Clause 4a, Classic Driver may terminate the agreement if subscriber materially breaches the agreement, such as, but not limited to, violations of these GTCs by the subscriber (including the terms of payment or wrong or incomplete declarations in the subscriber’s profile), violation of rights of other subscribers or users, or third parties, actions that harm the image of Classic Driver, or a change in the legal or technical standards in the Internet that make it unreasonable for Classic Driver to continue to provide Services either wholly or in part.

d. Results of a Termination for Cause

The subscriber cannot derive any claims against Classic Driver in connection with a termination for cause by Classic Driver; the fees are non-refundable.

The subscriber is prohibited from re-subscribing to the platform without written consent by Classic Driver. In case of a violation of this provision, the subscriber owes Classic Driver a penalty of EUR 250.-.

4. Liability, Warranty and Indemnification

a. In General

Classic Driver is only liable for direct damages that are caused by a malicious or grossly negligent act by Classic Driver. To the extent permitted by applicable law, liability on the part of Classic Driver as well as its employees, organs, representatives, subsidiaries, auxiliary persons (including third parties who perform services for Classic Driver) for damages, especially for indirect or subsequent damages (e.g., lost profits or the consequences of data loss) – regardless of the legal reason – is excluded.

b. Technical Defects, Maintenance, and Capacity Limitations

Classic Driver endeavors to make the website as consistently available as possible. However, a 100% availability of the website is technologically not possible. Disruptions in the services or temporary suspension of the operation of the website or availability of advertisements that have been placed can occur for reasons of maintenance, security or limitations in capacity, or due to events that lie outside of Classic Driver’s range of influence (such as disruptions or interruptions of public communications systems or power failures). Classic Driver reserves the right to temporarily restrict the uploading, editing and access to the advertisements if this is necessary for reasons of limited capacity, security or integrity of the service, or to carry out technical measures (e.g. maintenance).

Classic Driver excludes any liability for interference and/or interruptions of services, as well as damages caused by software, hacker attacks or other problems caused by the Internet is excluded regardless of the cause. The fees are non-refundable.

c. No Responsibility for Third Parties

As the operator of the website, Classic Driver is not responsible for the fulfillment of contracts which are concluded between subscribers and users. In matching subscribers and users, Classic Driver uses the information given to Classic Driver “as is”. Classic Driver excludes any liability for the accuracy of such information.

Classic Driver excludes any liability for the acts of its subscribers or users, in particular in connection with the inaccuracy of the information provided by them.

d. No Liability for Website Content

Classic Driver assumes no liability for the currentness, accuracy, legality, completeness, or quality of the content of the website, of websites that can be reached through links on the website or in which the subscriber’s advertisements are integrated, regardless whether this content was published by other subscribers or by Classic Driver itself.

Declarations published by Classic Driver on the Website are deemed to be preliminary and non-binding and never constitute binding offers.

e. Liability of the Subscriber for Breach of Contract; Indemnification

The subscriber is liable towards Classic Driver for any damage caused by breach of contract.

The subscriber shall hold Classic Driver harmless and indemnify Classic Driver against all claims brought by third parties that arise from infringement of third party rights by content communicated and/or placed by the subscriber on the website. The subscriber will compensate Classic Driver for all possible damages incurred including, but not limited to, subsequent damages, expenses such as costs for defense against such claims in and out of court (including any court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees).

5. Prices and Payment Terms

a. Prices

The prices for the services provided by Classic Driver (“fee”) are published on the website and can be viewed by subscriber whenever the website is available.

Unless otherwise declared, the fee is net and excluding VAT and any bank, credit card or money transfer charges.

The fee for the services used by dealers will include the following elements:

i) The fixed fee (“subscription fee”) for the dealer package;

ii) The supplemental fee (“supplemental fee”) that the dealer owes Classic Driver for additional services.

Billing for dealers is generally in advance for the current contract period.

Billing for the services used by private subscribers is in advance for the current advertisement period.

The amount of the subscription fee is determined by the applicable prices at the time of the subscription. Supplemental fees are subject to change during the contract period.

b. Means of Payment

Payments are made via credit card and / or PayPal or, if explicitly accepted by Classic Driver, by invoice. The subscriber authorizes Classic Driver to charge the fee to his/her credit card. The subscriber is obligated to ensure that adequate credit is available on the card at all times.

Billing statements will be sent via e-mail to the address that the subscriber noted in the subscriber registration form and/or communicated to Classic Driver thereafter. The subscriber must inform Classic Driver of any objections to the billing statement within 10 days; otherwise, the fee stated in the billing statement will be deemed accepted. The fee is due and payable within 10 days of the billing statement date without any discount.

c. Default of Payment

Should the payment of the fee not be credited before the payment deadline, default of payment will automatically apply without notice by Classic Driver that the account is in default. Classic Driver is entitled to charge default interest at a rate of 8% per annum without any further notice. Additionally, dunning costs of EUR 30.00 per reminder must be paid by dealers. Classic Driver is also entitled to block the subscriber’s account temporarily or permanently without any further notice to such subscriber and/or to cancel the contract without notice. The subscriber has no claim to compensation for damages against Classic Driver in such a case. The fees are non-refundable.

6. Data Protection and Data Security

Data protection and data security are governed by the Classic Driver Privacy Policy which can be downloaded under this link.

7. General

a. Transfer of the Contractual Relationship, Rights and Obligations to Third Parties

Classic Driver is entitled to transfer or pledge the contractual relationship with the subscriber or individual rights and obligations deriving from the contractual relationship wholly or partially to a third party; Classic Driver guarantees to consumer subscribers that the third party will fulfill obligations arising from this agreement during the current contract period. The subscriber may only transfer or pledge the contractual relationship with Classic Driver or individual rights or obligations deriving from it to a third party with the prior written consent of Classic Driver.

b. Prohibition to Set-Off

Dealers are not entitled to offset their due claims with claims from Classic Driver.

c. Delegation to Third Parties

Classic Driver may wholly or partially delegate the performance of services to third parties.

d. Written Form

Deviating or supplementary provisions, side agreements or changes to these GTCs only apply if Classic Driver has consented to them in writing.

e. Severability

The nullity or unenforceability of individual provisions of these GTCs does not affect the unenforceability of the remaining provisions. Any invalid or unenforceable provisions will be replaced by those that most closely approximate the goal and purpose of the invalid or unenforceable provision. This will be carried out commercially in a legally enforceable manner. The same applies to any loopholes.

f. Change of GTCs, Prices, and Website

By using the services offered by Classic Driver the subscriber recognizes the currently valid prices and GTCs.

Classic Driver reserves the right to change these GTCs at any time without stating any reasons and to publish the currently valid version on the website. The changed GTCs will be sent to the subscribers via e-mail. The changes are deemed accepted insofar as the subscriber does not state any objections in writing within 10 days of the announcement or if the subscriber continues to use services from Classic Driver after the expiration of the deadline for filing objections. In case of an objection the contract terminates without further notice.

Classic Driver reserves the right to adapt supplemental fees during the contract period to market or price developments.

Classic Driver reserves the right to change the services of the website and its structure (in particular the individual product categories) for just reasons during the contract period, or to offer differing services.

g. Applicable Law, Court of Jurisdiction

The contractual relationship between the subscriber and Classic Driver (including these GTCs) is exclusively subject to the law of Switzerland excluding agreements under state treaties and especially the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods from April 11, 1998.

All disputes or claims deriving from or associated with the contractual relationship between the subscriber and Classic Driver, including its validity, violation, or dissolution will be decided upon by the competent courts. The exclusive court of jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland. However, Classic Driver reserves the right to bring claims against the subscriber at any other responsible court. Compulsory jurisdiction over consumer contracts is reserved.