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Fast and furious with ‘Outlaw’ Magnus Walker in the Californian canyons

Magnus Walker’s signature ‘Outlaw’ Porsche 911, affectionately known as #277, is no stranger to the limelight. In this fabulous new video, Walker hands the keys over to Fast & Furious star Sung Kang, in return for a drive in the actor’s brutish Datsun 240Z on the picturesque Angeles Crest Highway…

Chalk and cheese?

The sonorous howl of Sung Kang’s stripped-out wide-bodied Datsun 240Z combined with the cultured bark of Magnus Walker’s Porsche 911 in this beautifully shot video from eGarage is a symphony to behold. Both vastly influential car enthusiasts in their own right (albeit in rather different fields), Walker and Kang truly appreciate the appeal of each others’ ‘Outlaws’ – something that’s clear to see when they get the chance to drive them both on the stunning Angeles Crest Highway in the Californian mountains. Turn up the volume, and enjoy... 

Video: eGarage

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