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This gorgeous Porsche 911 E will help you see the light

The 911 has been the enthusiast’s go-to choice for driving pleasure for over half a century. This stunning Porsche 911 E being auctioned at Aguttes’ Aumale Rally Sale reminds us there’s a good reason for that.

The Porsche 911 has been the driver’s choice of sports car for so long that it’s almost taken the fun out of being a car enthusiast. Any debate over what you would park on your drive if you could only pick one car is pointless: the answer is a 911, and it has been for over fifty years. It would be easy to almost build up some resentment towards the 911 for taking the fun out of being a petrol head, but then you see one like this 2.2-litre 1971 Porsche 911 E and realise there’s a good reason for its icon status.

Not only is the 911 an excellent steer, but it’s beautiful too, particularly in this stunning combination of Light Ivory paint with black leather - clearly Butzi Porsche new exactly what he was doing. This matching numbers example is one of the more luxurious “E” variants and it benefits from a heartier 155 bhp engine, an aluminium engine cover, four disk brakes, and a revised steering box. Fully restored between 2016 and 2018, this immaculate 911 is just waiting to make the next generation of petrol heads see the light and realise why Porsche’s rear-engined wonder has been the it car for so many years. Up for auction at Aguttes’ Aumale Rally Sale on April 3rd in Apremont, France, this is one purchase you can make with your head and your heart.