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The original: Butzi-Porsche 911 in the Classic Driver Market

Germany-based dealer DLS Automobile is currently offering one of the most famous early Porsche 911s: a 1965 example used continually by Porsche as a promotional tool, and autographed by the model’s forefather, Ferdinand Alexander ‘Butzi’ Porsche…

According to seller DLS Automobile, this is perhaps the most photographed classic Porsche 911 in history, having been used by Porsche for numerous advertisements, events, promotions and museum displays. Over the years, it's been snapped with a near-complete roster of Porsche luminaries, and remains in an original, unrestored condition. The famous car also has the signature of the 911's legendary creator, Ferdinand Alexander ‘Butzi’ Porsche, on the underside of the bootlid.

The original advert for this unique 1965 Porsche 911 can be found in the Classic Driver Market.