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200-car, ‘secret’ Porsche collection to be sold over next 12 months

Ssssh… don’t tell anyone, but a little-known auction house in the backwoods of England has consigned a one-owner collection of around 200 classic Porsches. No one will have heard about it; it’s a good chance to pick up a bargain. That’s what you are thinking, isn’t it?

Well, the bad news is that the internet is awash with stories on the dusty hoard of American-spec cars, most of which would certainly warrant the description ‘barn-find’... another sure-fire way of generating interest. The collection includes early 356s (with some Speedsters), 911s, 912s and 914s. The first 20 cars will be offered by Anglia Car Auctions on 24 August.

‘Anglia Car Auctions’, we hear you say, now tell me, why them and not Bonhams, RM or any one of a number of well-established British salerooms? Well, not having seen the entire collection listed, there may well be the odd Porsche tractor in there, which might go down well locally.

Or could it just be the seller’s fee of 5% plus VAT? More likely. The buyer’s premium is the same, by the way.

First in the stock ring on 24 August will be a matching numbers, LHD 1958 Porsche 356A Coupé with an estimate of £16,000 - 20,000. It’s registered in the UK and runs (you can even see a clip on YouTube – but don’t get too excited).

The sale also includes some early Range Rovers and a 1947 Allard L Type, which we have always rather liked. It’s estimated at £29,000 - 35,000 and could be a bargain on the day. Just don’t let on to anyone about it.

Photos: Anglia Car Auctions

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