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Come for the classic Porsche 911E Targa, stay for the brilliantly brown interior

We’ve managed to track down the ultimate chocoholic’s set of wheels, this gloriously spec’d 1973 Porsche 911E Targa that makes a great case for making brown cars great again. If you’re a fan, it’s available to purchase now from Motikon!

While many will flock to Gulf Blue, Bahama Yellow or Irish Green as their go-to shades of golden-era 911s, there are a few paints that slip between the cracks, only to be rediscovered years later and bathe in the limelight of enthusiasts around the world. Brown has predominantly been one of those colours that fell through said cracks, but is something of a late bloomer compared to its rivalling, perhaps more inviting pastel shades. We think that’s all wrong though - and this 1973 Porsche 911E Targa is a perfect example of how to go bold with brown. While you’re feeling bold, why not throw in some oh-so 1970s carpet while you’re at it?

One of just 858, this Targa is a truly unique variant of the iconic 911 series, and captured the hearts of enthusiasts almost immediately, something that has remained as decades passed, all thanks to its innovative design and unparalleled driving experience. For the 1970s cars, Porsche finished the structural roll hoop in distinctive brushed stainless steel, allowing drivers to enjoy the thrill of roofless cruising, without compromising safety, performance, or bad hair days. 

After remaining with two owners in Kentucky for a staggering 48 years, this Targa was given a no-expense-spared restoration upon its arrival to Sweden, and was painted in Sepia brown, with a perfectly paired brown leather interior. Adding an even greater free-spirited kick than the lack of roof is the carpets, complimenting the colour combination perfectly, while providing an extra kick of personality and fun to this open-topped cruiser.

While we all prepare to hibernate for winter, this Targa filled the Classic Driver office with the joy of summer, where we all pictured ourselves taking this beauty along a sun-kissed road trip along the coast! If you want to beat us to it, you'll have to give Motikon a call!