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Air-cooled excellence: 2.2-litre Porsche 911S Targa

With a first overall win at Le Mans under its belt that June, 1970 was a good year for Porsche. And introduced only a few months earlier, in August 1969, was a bigger capacity version of its classic production flat-six. So, this 911 Targa is now carrying a 2195cc motor.

In 1970, just 729 2.2-litre 911S Targas were built...

As it’s a 911S, it’s probably producing around 180bhp from the mechanical fuel injected unit. Okay, the power might well be coming in way up the rev band, but isn’t that the allure of an early 911? But compared with earlier, two-litre cars it’s more flexible – and carries a different type number, too. Yes, the ‘901’ designation was finally dropped. From now onwards all engines would be prefixed with ‘911’.

‘Weltmeister 1969/70’

That might just be of interest to the cognoscenti, and visible only with the aid of a torch, but displayed proudly on many a car’s windscreen was the ‘Weltmeister 1969/70’ sticker - a reference to Porsche’s by now total domination in long-distance racing.

Like all Porsches, it’s built to perform

As a Targa, this Blood Orange example might be considered slightly softer than the Slate Grey coupé made famous by Steve McQueen in the opening sequences of ‘Le Mans’. But that’s doing it a disservice. Like all Porsches, it’s built to perform: 138mph and seven seconds from zero to 60mph are impressive figures.

This one is rare, too. In 1970, although now a popular alternative to the coupé (representing some 31 per cent of overall 911 sales), just 729 2.2-litre 911S Targas were built.

Photos: Mathieu Bonnevie

This lovely 1970 Porsche 911 2.2 S Targa is currently offered for sale by Automobilia Franco Lembo in the Classic Driver Market.