1964 Porsche 356


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French title
Engine n� P97328 Type 587

- Rare, powerful model
- One of the most desirable road-going Porsches
- French origin
- High quality restoration

Carrera : at Porsche, this magical word is synonymous with high performance. It has its origins in the victory of a Spyder 550 in the 1953 Carrera Panamericana. From that point, Carrera versions were entitled to an engine designed for racing, with four overhead cams and dual ignition. The first version produced 100 bhp and worked wonders in competition. It provided both power and endurance, which enabled the car to win the demanding Li�ge-Rome-Li�ge race in 1954. The engine could also be fitted in every type of touring body, both coup� and cabriolet. It accompanied the career of the 356, the model that first appeared in March 1949 and would provide the base for future road-going models. The 1500 GS Carrera was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1955, and in 1961 Porsche presented an evolution of the 356 Carrera, fitted this time with a 1966cc engine that produced 130 bhp at 6200 rpm. This was the fastest production 356 ever built, a true GT car offering a high level of comfort. There were 435 examples of the Carrera 2 built, of which 126 were the 356 C Carrera, like the one presented.

Sold new by Sonauto to a doctor from Aude, this car has had five owners in total, including, in the early 2000s, Jean-Michel Coll, the former Porsche dealer from Perpignan. Presented then in metallic grey, it was the subject of a test-drive feature in the magazine Flat 6 (number 69, a copy is in the file). At this time, it had covered 40 000 km from new. In 2009 the car was completely restored, with the original engine entrusted to Karl Hloch, Carrera engine specialist in Germany. The current owner, a scrupulous Porsche enthusiast from the C�te d'Azur, acquired the car in December 2012. Wanting the presentation of the car to be perfect, he had further restoration work carried out by the Magnani workshop, in Schietti in the Adriatic, who completed a superb job over a period of six months. The interior is original and the car is equipped with Webasto heating supplied by Albert Hoffner (Saarbr�cken) and fitted by the owner. The file with the car contains all the invoices and photos relating to the work carried out. Today, the rarity, performance and incontestable racing provenance of the 356 Carrera places it amongst the most sought after Porsches on the market. This matching numbers example, in excellent condition, is therefore particularly desirable.