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Exceptional Porsche 356 exhibition to star at Prototyp Museum in Hamburg

The Porsche 356’s success justified the production of the 911. Now, the Prototyp Museum in Hamburg has chosen to celebrate the cult classic with a dedicated exhibition, featuring some very special variants…

The exhibition in Hamburg will tell the success story of the Porsche 356 from the very beginnings, from the Austrian Gmünd prototypes, through the many coupés, convertibles and Speedsters, to the end of production in 1965. Thanks to some special loans from both collectors and the Porsche Museum, the range of cars on offer will be eclectic, to say the least. Stars will include the 356 Speedster GT, the 356 America Roadster, and the sensational 356 B Carrera Abarth. With such a selection, it goes without saying that the exhibition is an absolute must for any Porsche enthusiast.


‘356 VIP – Very Important Porsches’ will run from 13 November 2015 until 27 March 2016, at the Prototyp Museum in Hamburg. You can find more information at