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Outlaw Porsche meets two-wheel technology with this electric bicycle

Combining classic aesthetics with cutting-edge technology is very much on trend in today’s automotive world, and for the team behind Vintage Electric, the chance to collaborate with a leading light in the custom Porsche scene has resulted in a limited-edition retro rocket, the Outlaw Tracker...

California classic

Just as the custom Outlaw 356 Porsches of Rod Emory shook up the sacred classic car sector with their non-original modifications and hot-rod influences, the electric bicycles of Vintage Electric have equally challenged the norms of the industry. In a natural marriage of out-of-the-box engineering, the two have come together to create a limited-edition model, the Outlaw Tracker. With only 50 units being produced, each bike is handcrafted in California and features several nods to Emory’s 356s, from the Carrera Silver paintwork to the mesh-grilled headlight and even the signature Pegasus motif on the frame. As with the 356s that inspire it, the Outlaw Tracker has both show and go, and with a top speed of 36mph in Race Mode and a range of 35 miles in Street Mode, this electric wonder may be the coolest way to commute around, second to an Outlaw 356 perhaps…

Photos: Vintage Electric

You can find further information on the Vintage Electric website, and a selection of Porsche 356s for sale in the Classic Driver Market.