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Porsche 356 Coupé: A car made for an Alpine tour

Anyone considering suitable classic transport - with plenty of storage space for two - perfect for touring in the Alps should look at this 1965 Porsche 356 SC.

It was delivered in January 1965 to a customer in Italy. As an ‘SC’, it featured not only all-round disc brakes but the most powerful regular production engine fitted to a 356. From the company born in Gmund, in the Central Eastern Alps, it’s no surprise that one of the requirements of its very first model was good performance in the mountains.

So anyone tackling one of the famous passes such as the Grossglockner, with perhaps a hotel stop at the end, will like this little Porsche with its tough four-cylinder engine, and useful storage space with rear seats folded.

This car, available from Classic Driver dealer Franco Lembo, has been carefully restored and is in excellent condition, with a rebuilt engine. And yet the restoration was sympathetic, retaining the nearly 50-year-old car’s patina. Truly, a car made for an Alpine tour.

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