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When Michelotti redesigned the Porsche 356

With only one believed to exist, the opportunity to even see this Michelotti-designed Porsche 356 is rare, yet alone purchase it. Yet, it has recently been added to the Classic Driver Market, and our chequebooks are practically jumping out of our pockets….

What Would Michelotti Do?

As one of the most prolific designers in the world, Giovanni Michelotti had his pick of cars to design in the 1960s, and when he saw what Reutter was doing with the Porsche 356, he knew he wanted to take a crack at it as well. Designed by Micholetti and built by Ghia, this believed one-off 356B T6 features a ‘smiling’ front grille, additional headlamps, a bulging boot and truncated rear end, and the deletion of the dividing chrome on the bonnet, as well as the standard 1,600cc engine. Originally presented at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, this unique piece of automotive history — with just 49,000km on its clock — is now being offered for sale by Classic Driver dealer Galantica Collection, and it’s sure to be a significant acquisition for any Michelotti collection.

Photos: Galantica Collection

This Porsche 356 can be found for sale in the Classic Driver Market, along with Galantica Collection’s entire inventory.