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Snapshot, 1963: Has anyone seen my Porsche?

The Porsche 356 boasts one of the more memorable silhouettes of automotive history, but would you recognise one buried under a metre of snow? For the men of the Porsche ski meeting in the winter of 1963, there was only one solution – to dig!

While today the average couch potato can easily pilot a modern sports car, in the 1960s, a certain amount of fitness was required to hustle something like a Porsche 356, especially in treacherous conditions. Accordingly, the international Porsche ski meeting in Lech Zürs am Arlberg was a popular event at the time, and somewhere you could prove your athleticism out on the slopes. However, if you arrived in the hotel car park the following morning to find your Porsche buried deep beneath a blanket of snow, you might have needed to exercise some intellectual fitness as well. Now, which one is yours? 

Photo: Porsche Archive

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