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Sit back and vent in the Porsche 356-inspired rocking chair

For those who can’t afford to keep a Porsche 356 Speedster in their study – whether for spatial or financial reasons – this limited-edition chair could be the perfect answer for the aircooled enthusiast…

Aircooled seating

Designed exclusively for the Luftgekühlt Porsche celebration held at Modernica’s Los Angeles premises earlier this month, the Aircooled Arm Shell rocker chair is a collaborative effort between the American furniture maker and Deus ex Machina, best known for its custom motorcycles. Penned by the latter’s in-house designer, Carby Tuckwell, it incorporates the vent hole pattern of a naked 356 Speedster seat into its Eames-inspired glassfiber body, using the same processes and machines originally used in the 1950s. Only 50 examples of the limited first-edition Aircooled chair will be produced, and at the time of writing there are still a few available from the Deus ex Machina shop.

Photos: Deus ex Machina

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