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This custom Porsche 356 Roadster is an out-there Outlaw

We’re big fans of Rod Emory’s Outlaw Porsches, not just for their exquisite craftsmanship and svelte good looks, but also for the philosophy behind them that has spread like wildfire across the world. This 356 Roadster is Emory’s latest project, and follows his tried-and-tested recipe to the book…


This fabulous creation started life as a 1960 356 Roadster, before Rod Emory’s eponymous workshop transformed it almost beyond recognition into the beast it is today. Beneath the elegant and impossibly minimal exterior lies a 205HP, 2.6-litre 914 engine that, coupled with a circa-800kg weight and a five-speed gearbox and rear suspension from the 911, is said to offer a supercar-like driving experience. A refreshing standout in an automotive community of Teutonic monotony, there are few cars more befitting of the special Emory ‘Outlaw’ crest

Photos: Drew Phillips © 2016

You can find almost 100 Porsche 356s listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market – many of which are ready to be ‘Outlawed’.