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Looking for something to do this winter?

Considering its condition, this Porsche 356B might be more suitable as an art installation than a restoration project – especially considering it has no engine or gearbox. But where there’s a Porsche in need, there’s usually an enthusiast willing to coax it back to life…

Artwork versus life's work

This 1960 Porsche 356B 1600 S was rescued from cruel Mother Nature – and not before time, it seems. But with the German registration document included, the dilapidated coupé could perhaps form the basis of a ground-up 356 Outlaw build, should someone be brave enough to step up to the plate. German Porsche specialist Freisinger Motorsport is currently offering what’s left of the car for €5,000 – perhaps worth it, if it means you have an excuse to slip off to the garage when you grow tired of playing Christmas board games.

You can find many Porsche 356s for sale in the Classic Driver Market.