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You aren’t seeing things – this really is a modern Range Rover coupé

Remember the Range Rover SV Coupe that Land Rover announced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018 and promptly canned when it hit financial trouble? Well, the factory version might never have seen the light of day, but thanks to one Dutch car designer, you can still buy a three-door modern Rangey…

When Land Rover decided it wasn’t going to build the 999 Range Rover SV Coupes it had planned as a lavish, 290,000-euro tribute to the original three-door Range Rover of 1969, the Dutch automotive design studio Niels van Roij spied an opportunity. 

Together with the Dutch coachbuilder Bas van Roomen, it has built its own version of the flagship 5.0-litre supercharged V8-powered Rangey with bespoke, expertly engineered aluminium coupé bodywork. And because there’s only going to be a strictly limited run of what Niels van Roij has billed as the Adventum Coupe, there are details on this tailormade coach-built special that the factory couldn’t dream of replicating. 

Take the handcrafted teak flooring that extends through the entire car pictured (the first Adventum Coupe built), for example, or the two separate electrically operated rear seats. Naturally, Niels van Roij emphasises the near-unlimited personalisation options available to new customers – you could even have the interior upholstered in the same material as your favourite suit, complete with identical pin stripes. 

The prototype pictured is currently on display at (and for sale with) the Classic Driver dealer Classic Youngtimers Consultancy in the Netherlands. If you’d like to commission the build of your very own Adventum Coupe, you can contact the same dealer – the process will take at least six months from configuration to delivery and cost from 270,000 euros, depending on the base model. If we had the opportunity to specify our own example, we’d channel the spirit of our favourite original Range Rover for that intoxicating dose of nostalgia. So, will it be Bahamas Gold or Tuscan Blue?

Photos: Niels van Roij © 2020