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Start your own empire with this outrageous Bell Aurens Longnose

Looking to conquer a few continents? Topple a few metropolises? This Bell Aurens Longnose for sale with Theisen should turn global domination into a walk in the park.

Not all cars are created equal, and perhaps none measure up to the sheer might of this 1968 Bell Aurens Longnose. One of only two prototypes built, this Series II Land Rover-based titan has a nose that would put Pinocchio to shame and enough road presence to make a police escort stop and stare. Surprisingly, this special off-roader isn’t powered by a Spitfire’s Merlin engine (although airplane engines were initially planned for production), instead you’ll find a 350 horsepower 5.0-litre Range Rover V8 that’s been upgraded by JE-Engineering in Coventry under the hood. While the silhouette is certainly enough to grab your attention, the interior will surely hold it captive for hours. 

Fabulous details like the cricket ball gear knob, laced steering wheel, and wooden flooring have us, well, floored, but the quality of the finishes on this stunning oddity are equally impressive. The satin sand-coloured paint is simply perfect on the Longnose’s handmade aluminium bodywork, while the side-exit exhausts and meaty Mickey Thompson off-road tyres complete what is an oddly perfect monster of a vehicle. So, if you plan on single-handedly invading a country in the near future, then this Bell Aurens Longnose offers an incredibly stylish mode of transport for the occasion.