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InterClassics Maastricht to celebrate 120 years of Ford Performance

Celebrating 120 years of Ford Performance, the 29th edition of InterClassics' Classic Car Show Maastricht will kick start the year’s automotive event calendar from January 11th to 14th.

Are you tired of waiting for the year’s automotive festivities to begin? Fret not, because the 29th edition of Classic Car Show Maastricht presented by InterClassics is right around the corner! Over 800 vintage cars, modern classics, and supercars will flood the Benelux to be displayed across 35,000 square metres of exhibition space between January 11th and 14th. This year, special celebrations will be dedicated to 120 years of Ford Performance, highlighting the racing pedigree of the iconic blue ova. After all, it was Henry Ford himself who once said, “Auto racing began five minutes after the second car was built.”

Naturally, expect a flurry of fast Fords to be on display, including 28 models spanning every decade of the illustrious brand’s history, from 1896 to the present day. Among them, you’ll find the very first car Henry Ford ever built, his self-assembled Quadricycle, as well as icons of the road and track like the all-powerful Capri 3200 RS and the iconic GT40.  

However, it’s not just Fords that will be on display, and a new Danish supercar manufacturer, Agile, will be unveiling their latest machine, dubbed the SCX. Elsewhere, visitors will be able to enjoy the Sim Racing Expo, where the latest in sim racing hardware from the likes of Simcube and D-Box will be shown to the world. Saturday the 13th will also see the final race of Sim Formula Europe, where the winner will walk away with 3,000 euros and the title of Europe’s best sim racer. Of course, we’re just scratching the surface of what InterClassics Maastricht has to offer, so click here to get your tickets now!