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Det brænder! This Danish Land Cruiser fire truck is smoking hot

Emergency services depend on vehicles they can trust, and they don’t come much more reliable than the FJ 40 Toyota Land Cruiser. This FJ 45 fire truck for sale with Mechatronik faithfully served Falck Emergency Services, and now it could be your trusty automotive sidekick.

In the world of off-roaders, there are three names that stand head and shoulders above the rest: Jeep, Land Rover, and Land Cruiser. Toyota’s offering may have been the last to rock crawl its way into the history books, but in terms of sheer dependability, there’s arguably nothing that comes close to the bulletproof FJ 40. 

While these iconic first-generation Land Cruisers are most commonly used by Aussies looking to venture deep into the outback — and return in one piece — the Danish Emergency Services organisation Falck saw the indestructible Japanese off-roader and decided there was no better chariot for their brave fire-fighters. Thus we present to you this marvellous long-wheelbase 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 45, equipped with all the fire-fighting essentials, such as emergency lights, a siren, and most importantly… a kayak? 

We’re not quite sure where the canoe (plus its 2.5 horsepower outboard motor) came into the fire-fighting equation, but for anyone looking for the ultimate go-anywhere vehicle, the addition of aquatic transport is surely an unexpected bonus. Even better, this Land Cruiser is fitted with a rooftop tent, meaning you could venture into the wilderness and willingly never return! If you’re tired of modern civilisation and yearn for the great outdoors, Mechatronik have this instantly lovable Land Cruiser ready and waiting.