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Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight with the ultimate Spyker collection

Let us guess: you’re currently after a left-field European supercar, in addition to a new bicycle and seating for your office reception area or home cinema? If so, Classic Youngtimers Constancy in the Netherlands has got you sorted…

Handcrafted in the Netherlands and powered by a 400HP Audi-sourced V8, the Spyker C8 Laviolette is an aeronautic-inspired supercar ideal for the enthusiast who’d prefer to tread his own path than follow the herd.

This particular example, one of the last built before production ceased in 2008 amid the company’s financial turmoil, is teeming with wonderful, intricate details such as the 19-inch propeller-like wheels, sumptuous diamond-quilted Tropicana Orange leather and beautiful knurled aluminium trim. 

The Aeroblade bicycle offered alongside the car was developed by Koga in collaboration with Spyker and is itself an object of beauty, taking many aesthetic cues from the C8. Crafted from titanium, the Aeroblade won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for product design back in 2006. Just 50 were built and this one was specified to match the colour combination of the car. 

The final piece of this Spyker trio is the pair of luxurious Spyker airline seats, upholstered in the same Tropicana Orange quilted leather as the C8 Laviolette, complete with Spyker’s logo embroidered in the headrests. We reckon they’d look great in your office, be perfect for watching films or simply positioning in your garage and observing your magnificent Spyker supercar in all its oddball glory. 

Photos: Classic Youngtimers Consultancy

You can find this ultimate Spyker package, comprising the C8 Laviolette, Koga Aeroblade bicycle and airline chairs, listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.