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Watch the video diary of our Gentleman’s Journey from London to Paris

London to Paris – it might not have been the longest trip in terms of distance, but our ‘Gentleman’s Journey’, kindly supported by Hackett and Aston Martin, truly evoked the spirit of continental Grand Touring. Now you can relive the three days in our 90-second video diary… 

The art of Grand Touring

We suppose embracing the driving part of this journey was never going to be a chore with a beautiful Marron Black Aston Martin DB11 at our disposal, but the point is nevertheless valid — driving for the sake of driving is, sadly, a dying art. The 2+2 V12 proved to be the perfect tool for the job, loping effortlessly when motorway miles needed to be crunched, yet transforming into a razor-sharp (and wonderfully noisy) sports car when the going got twisty. From Duke’s Hotel, where we were handed the car keys by Jeremy Hackett, to Stoke Park, Circuit de Reims-Gueux, Domaine Pommery, Fondation Cartier, and finally, the Hackett store in Paris, it was an awe-inspiring and enlightening journey studded with luxury, culture, and fine company. And isn’t that what Grand Touring is all about? Our short film of the trip by videographer Kai Klinke captures that better than any words ever will — we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it… 

Video: Kai Klinke / Photos: Robert Cooper for Classic Driver © 2017

You can find all our coverage from our ‘Gentleman’s Journey’ from London to Paris, kindly supported by Hackett and Aston Martin, compiled in our dedicated overview page.