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These 10 perfect Aston Martin DB11s are for sale. Which would you pick?

Seemingly a car picked from the silver screen, Aston Martin’s DB11 has matured into one of the brand’s best-looking modern-era motors, and is now a very tempting and reasonably-priced future classic. We’ve picked 10 examples that almost made us drop our Martinis…

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but we’re now just two years away from the ten-year anniversary of the Aston Martin DB11. It's a car that oozes elegance, possessing a laid-back character coupled with an almighty soundtrack, all traits befitting of a true grand tourer. With the newly-released DB12 now arriving with eager customers, its predecessor is becoming something of a bargain, with some truly wonderful examples starting to hit the market. One of Aston Martin’s greatest assets is its ability to let the client run wild with their creativity, with thousands of paint and leather options to hand, something we were lucky enough to do with our limited run of DB11s built to celebrate 20 years of Classic Driver, and as you'll no doubt see below. If we were looking for the perfect car to head beach-bound via one or two countries, the DB11 is arguably one of the very best!


Here are ten of our favourite examples from the Classic Driver Market: