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Watch the video of our road trip to the British Riviera with Hackett

London to Devon – it wasn’t the longest trip in terms of distance, but our journey to the British Riviera in our Aston Martin DB11 Classic Driver Edition, kindly supported by Hackett, truly revealed the best of Britain. You can relive the road trip in our 90-second video diary…

The best of Britain 


St Tropez? Pah! When there’s a heatwave in England, you damned well make the most of it. Hence why when our new Aston Martin DB11 Classic Driver Edition, built to celebrate our 20th birthday, was delivered, we decided to hit the road straight away and head for England’s very own Riviera in Devon. But not before properly stretching the Aston’s legs in the Cotswolds, where the twisting ribbons of asphalt coursing through the picturesque countryside resemble all the best corners from the greatest circuits in the world. Bath genuinely rivals Rome or Prague in the beauty stakes, while the rugged coastline of Devon and the charming seaside towns of Paignton, Torquay, and Brixham that form the ‘British Riviera’ quite possibly make it the ultimate holiday destination. Our short film of the trip by videographer Kai Klinke captures the spirit of the journey better than any words ever will – we hope you enjoy watching it as we did making it… 

Videography: Kai Klinke / Photography: Robert Cooper 

Our road trip from London to the British Riviera was kindly supported by Hackett. You can find out more information about the Aston Martin DB11 Classic Driver Edition at our dedicated ‘CD20’ microsite.