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Here are two Porsche 911 SCs with limitless headroom

The 911 has never really been criticised for its lack of headroom, but even the tallest of Classic Drivers will fit into these two classic Porsche 911 SCs for sale with Motorlegenden.

Being tall has many advantages, but you won’t find fitting into small sports cars listed among them. Thankfully, Porsche thought ahead and produced the ever-popular cabriolet and Targa variants of its rear-engined wonder, and there's two fantastic examples of both for sale with Motorlegenden. First, let’s start with this stunning 1983 Porsche 911 SC 3.0 Cabriolet, which shows just 67,730 miles on the clock, not bad for a car that’s nearly 40 years old! Painted in a lovely hue of Rauchquarz and riding on black Fuchs wheels, this drop-top 911 would be the perfect highway companion for Summer 2023. What’s even better is nestled between those lovely Pascha velour seats is a manual gearbox, so you can row your own gears while enjoying the full range of that sonorous flat-six! 

However, if you live in a less sunny climate, this 1980 Porsche 911 SC 3.0 Targa may be a slightly better all-weather sportscar, while still offering the option to remove the roof when the sun starts shining. This Silver Metallic example shows 67,015 miles on the clock, which in Porsche terms means its about to enter the prime of its life. Also a manual, this matching numbers example is a very rare “survivor”, being one of the few cars built before Porsche introduced galvanised bodies in 1981. Even so, this example remains in outstanding condition inside and out, with it’s black leather interior and fabric seats showing very little sings of wear. As the Porsche motto goes, “A 911 doesn’t age, it just matures”, and we think both of these cars prove that point marvellously. Now comes the hardest part: do you choose the full cabriolet or the Targa? For once, we’re glad we don’t have to choose!