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This might be your last chance to own the most iconic BMW 3 Series Convertible

Like all other models from the E30 generation BMW 3 Series lineup, the values of the cabriolets are following a persistent upward trajectory. If you want a drop-top variant of one of the best-looking 3 Series, you better act quick!

Chief designer, Claus Luthe, and exterior designer, Boyke Boyer really struck gold with the E30 generation 3 Series’ design. Not only were the crisp lines of the Bavarian saloon’s bodywork easy on the eye, but it also more than lived up to BMW’s claims of being the ultimate driving machine, with great handling and a fantastic lineup of naturally aspirated engines. It’s no surprise then that the E30 was one of the first classics to hope on the appreciation train, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a few bargains out there, for now at least. In particular, the cabriolet version of the E30 has remained relatively affordable long after other variants have shot up, but now it’s beginning to follow its saloon and coupe siblings and climb in value. So, if you want a boxy BMW on your drive, then act fast, because we don’t see 325i Cabriolets with sub 20,000 dollar price tags sticking around for much longer.

Here are ten E30 Cabriolets we'd love to take for a cruise: