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We're over the moon with the colour of this Porsche 911 Turbo

Ready for take-off with a new custodian, this piece of pastel Porsche perfection is set to get bidders reaching for the sky as it goes under the hammer at Broad Arrow Auctions’ Porsche 75th Anniversary sale on June 8th.

Houston, we most certainly do not have a problem, at least not with this wonderful late 1970s 911 Turbo! While others opted for more subdued shades like Cashmere Beige or Guards Red, there were some who knew that purchasing and owning one of the brand’s craziest cars at the time was something of a privilege, and therefore the exterior shade simply had to turn heads wherever it went. It's something we're seeing more and more with models like the latest GT3 RS, but back during the widowmaker's heyday it wasn't so common. 

Using their wealth of knowledge from developing race cars, Porsche employed turbocharging for the first time on a conventional road car with the Type 930, which was introduced to the world at the 1974 Paris Motor Show. The 911 Turbo featured a 3.0-litre flat-six engine fitted with a single turbocharger, instantly giving the 911 a sportier edge. To continue the motorsport-derived theme, Porsche fitted flared wheel arches to accommodate wider wheels and tyres, as well as upgraded suspension to improve handling, and, of course, that whale tail rear spoiler we know all know and love. By the end of 1978, Porsche had upgraded the 911 further, including a rise in displacement to 3.3-litres and the addition of an air-to-air intercooler, bestowing their turbocharged wonder with an impressive 265 horsepower.

This 1979 911 Turbo is finished in arguably one of the coolest PTS shades around, known as 601 Moonstone. This pastel lilac paint suits the gentle curves of the first-generation Turbo to a tee, and is complimented by a dark brown leather interior inside.

The story of why Alan R. Crebo of Kokomo, Indiana specifically ordered this Turbo new in January 1979 is also well worth mentioning. Both he and his wife were huge fans of astronomy and the Apollo 11 moon landing, and so opted for a space-themed shade. While Porsche fans all over the world flock to equally eye-catching shades like Rubystar or Ultraviolet, we think Moonstone might just be the coolest yet!

This fine example, along with a fantastic array of Stuttgart’s finest models, is heading to Broad Arrow Auctions’ upcoming Porsche 75th Anniversary Auction on June 8th