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Jaguar Classic built this bespoke XK120 especially for David Gandy

After piloting a Jaguar XK120 Lightweight in not one but two Mille Miglia retrospectives, the world-famous model and renowned petrolhead David Gandy rather fancied one of his own. But as with his beautifully tailored suits, ‘off the peg’ just wouldn’t cut it. Enter Jaguar Classic…

This sensational Jaguar XK120 has just been comprehensively restored by Jaguar Classic for David Gandy, the male model who makes no bones about his love for classic cars, particularly those born in Coventry. He was lucky enough to pilot a lightweight-spec XK120 in both the 2013 and 2014 Mille Miglia retrospectives, and after deciding he couldn’t really go on without one permanently in his life, he asked Jaguar Classic to find and restore one for him. But naturally, with a man so accustomed to exquisitely tailor-made suits, he requested a few modifications along the way, both above and beneath the surface. These include an engine made more reliable and tuned to deliver an extra 45HP over the standard straight-six, a faster-style gearbox with higher load tolerances, disc brakes, and fully-adjustable suspension. 

From an aesthetic point of view, the Solid Black convertible is fitted with a racing style flip-top fuel cap, two aero screens in place of the original split windscreen, and a superb aged saddle tan leather interior. Bespoke features inside include a specially fitted seat and a slightly smaller steering wheel – Gandy is a man of serious stature, after all, and who wants to be uncomfortable behind the wheel? It’s also been built to satisfy the entry requirements to the popular Jaguar Classic Challenge race series – we’re not sure what Gandy’s insurance company will have to say about that one, but good for him. We can’t wait to get a look at this one in the metal. 

Photos: Jaguar Classic 

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