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All hail to the Porsche Carrera GT, last of the analogue hypercars

Is there a purer analogue driving experience than the Carrera GT? We don’t think so. The last of the hypercars before hybrid technology and paddle shift gears took over, is now the time to buy?

In hypercar terms a production run of 1270 is quite considerable, but all Carrera GTs were sold before production ended and today even high mileage cars will still command well over the original £330,000 asking price. Looking in the Classic Driver Market All Ferrari Enzos are listed well over £1.5m, in comparison the Carrera GT can be purchased from £399,995. That particular car for sale with Octane Collection has 65,730kms and has seen previous accident damage. Now repaired and having seen regular use from its owner, he has taken on the maintenance of a handful of other Carrera GTs such was his workmanship. It’s certainly a car to jump in and use and enjoy. It will not lose value!

Of course the wild Carrera GT-R we recently featured from Cartique needs little introduction, but is not for the faint hearted. Elsewhere amongst the 14 cars currently advertised with Classic Driver there is a Gemballa Mirage priced at €790,000 with L’Art de L’Automobile and an original, low-mileage example with Eleven Cars for €720,000. That motorsport inspired V10 engine is one of the greats and coupled to a manual gearbox the Carrera GT is a very special car where values can surely only go one way.



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