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Discover the secret history of how Porsche‘s greatest supercar was born

The Porsche Carrera GT is one of the most mythical and awe-inspiring supercars of the new millennium. Now Stefan Bogner, Nicole Hettesheimers and the Porsche Museum offers a glimpse into the Carrera GT's top secret development history with a new, must-have book.

Unless you’ve called a large cave system your home for the last twenty or so years, you’ve probably heard of the Porsche Carrera GT. You’ll have also likely heard of how it’s one of the last great analogue supercars, and of its notoriously tricky gearbox, and how its naturally aspirated V10 can make women swoon and grown men weep.

However, you won’t be aware of the painstaking time and effort dedicated by hundreds of passionate men and women to transform the Carrera GT from initial design sketches to a road-going icon. You also likely won’t know that world-famous comedian and Porsche-obsessive Jerry Seinfeld played a role in its development, and you certainly won’t have seen all the secret sketches and behind-the-scenes photos from the Californian design studio in which the Carrera GT was penned. 

Now, thanks to Stefan Bogners und Nicole Hettesheimer’s latest book published in collaboration with the Porsche Archives, you can peer behind the curtain and take a never-before-seen look into the Carrera GT’s design and development. Across more than 350 pages, including hundreds of images, you’ll take a deep dive into the Carrera GT’s inception, and learn all the untold stories behind one of the greatest driver’s cars ever made. We’re delighted to welcome this definitive guide to the Carrera GT into the Classic Driver Shop, so don't hesitate to grab a copy of this must-have book for yourself!