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Snapshot, 1962: Ursula Andress in a reflective mood

It’s 1962, and Ursula Andress has been selected as the first (possibly the best?) Bond Girl. During breaks from filming, she spends time with burgeoning celebrity photographer David Hurn – who catches her deep in thought… and wearing very little.

British photographer Hurn – who famously lent Sean Connery his own Walther LP53 pistol for a promotional shoot when the planned PPK didn’t arrive on set – later spoke of his time with the Swedish actress. “She was a delight, and we spent wonderful evenings together. She was full of fun, and had this iconic look of the perfect sex symbol.” Indeed, that symbol endures, and intrigues the eye to this day – and Hurn became an icon in his own right, too. His favourite works from the era have been compiled in a new book ‘The 1960s: Photographed by David Hurn’ published by Reel Art Press, which also includes the visual narrative of his time on the set of From Russia With Love, travelling with The Beatles, and capturing a real-life robbery-in-progress at a London jeweller.

Photos: David Hurn, courtesy of Reel Art Press