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Tradition lives on with The Outlierman’s newest Bepoke gloves

Like coachbuilding and bespoke design, proper leatherwork is a skill that is slowly becoming extinct. But before it’s lost forever, The Outlierman has employed four very knowledgeable women to highlight their unique skills with the creation of its Bespoke woven leather gloves…

Fits like a glove

With over 50 years of experience, four women from the Naples area spend their days mastering their artisan craft by meticulously cutting and intricately weaving strips of nappa lambskin and South American peccary leather. And although it may seem like a lot of work for little gain, with only a single pair of gloves being produced per day, each delicate finger represents a small homage to long-lost times — if that’s not loving devotion, then I don’t know what it is. Befitting of The Outlierman, whose design philosophy is based on passion, research, tradition, and excellence, these limited-edition Bespoke woven leather gloves are truly unique driving accessories. Finished in contrasting colour combinations of dark red and navy blue, dark green and conker, and cork and tan, they are soft enough to feel the grooves of the steering wheel under your fingertips but resilient enough to outlast the most intense of rallies, and when not worn behind the wheel, they can be kept safe within their handmade leather case.

You can find The Outlierman’s limited-edition Bespoke driving gloves, along with a wide range of gloves, accessories, and luggage, for sale in the Classic Driver Market.