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Snapshot, 1954: Moss with Maserati at Monza
Snapshot, 1964: Elvis and Ann-Margret take a drive
Snapshot, 1967: Into thin air with Gianni Agnelli
Snapshot, 1970: Porsche perfects the 917 in Weissach
Snapshot, 1969: Ferdinand Piëch banks everything on victory
Snapshot, 1957: The original surfer chick
Snapshot, 1974: The Moonliner is set to make a giant leap
Snapshot, 1970: It’s Le Mans or bust for Ferry Porsche
Snapshot, 1976: Legends in their lifetimes at Long Beach
Snapshot, 1977: Space Shuttle Enterprise takes a leap of faith
Snapshot, 1964: Anything Ferrari does Bizzarrini can do better
Snapshot, 1977: Munari is the man to beat in Monte-Carlo
Snapshot, 1965: Jim Clark eyes a champagne supernova
Snapshot, 1985: If you go down to the Welsh woods today…
Snapshot, 1968: Alfa Romeo banks on the Daytona 24 Hours
Snapshot, 1979: An Italian UFO lands in Sydney
Snapshot, 1962: When you win a Ferrari California at the supermarket
Snapshot, 1981: Even Pininfarina’s show cars need their beauty sleep
Snapshot, 1972: Trying times for Alfa and De Adamich at Sebring
Snapshot, 1973: Helen Stewart shoots back
Snapshot, 1931: Park life in Paris
Snapshot, 1981: Lowering a Lotus, James Bond style
Snapshot, 1968: The mighty Méhari makes its scantily-clad debut
Snapshot, 1960s: A taxi ride to Horseshoe Bay
Snapshot, 1963: The chase is on at Goodwood…
Snapshot, 1983: Cloth seats clearly have their advantages
Snapshot, 1979: Luftgekühlt in Saint-Tropez
Snapshot 1996: The BPR Endurance Series bellows in Brazil
Snapshot, 1972: Ickx and Andretti look on the sunny side of life
Snapshot, 1968: It’s safety first for Nino Benvenuti
Snapshot, 1965: Alfa Romeo prepares to weather the storm at Sebring
Snapshot, 1954: Elli Parvo and her vivacious Vignale
Snapshot, 1974: Majestic musings in Monte-Carlo
Snapshot, 1973: Is it a bird? No, it’s James Bond, silly!
Snapshot, 1948: Land Rover embraces life on the edge
Snapshot, 1984: Bodo Buschmann and his latest brazen beauty
Snapshot, 1976: Meet the speed queens of Le Mans
Snapshot, 1982: Roberto Rossellini bids farewell to Princess Grace
Snapshot, 1967: Paul Newman’s looking for a big catch
Snapshot, 1983: It’s a Disney kind of day for Jacky Ickx
Snapshot, 1965: Who needs the Côte d’Azur when you have the River Thames?
Snapshot, 1960: ‘Il Commendatore’ stands his ground
Snapshot, 1970: Catch me if you can with Lando Buzzanca
Snapshot, 1965: Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood share a warming winter snifter
Snapshot, 1967: Configuring your Aston Martin, the old-fashioned way
Snapshot, 1967: Drive carefully, Johnny!
Snapshot, 1989: The lengths people will go for a Maserati this Christmas
Snapshot, 1961: The circus has come to town
Snapshot, 1977: No car is safe from the sacrifices of show business
Snapshot, 1960: Horsin’ around with Steve McQueen
Snapshot, 1980: Winter is coming and André Courrèges has the answer
Snapshot, 1971: Jackie Stewart perfects the Champagne shower
Snapshot, 1965: Blonde bombshell gets her jollies in a Fiat 600
Snapshot, 1971: Mick Jagger drives away his pre-wedding jitters
Snapshot, 1955: Ladies, start your engines
Snapshot, 1958: Prehistoric pedal power for the new 300 SL?
Snapshot, 1957: An Italian alien lands on British soil
Snapshot, 1964: It’s the BMW or bust for Claudia Cardinale
Snapshot, 1930: Caracciola cannot be stopped
Snapshot, 1967: Dan Gurney gets in the zone for Le Mans