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This is what happens when café racers grow another set of wheels...

The ‘Café Racer’ term is traditionally reserved for motorcycles – but the self-confessed ‘very cool guys’ of Cool & Vintage have applied the philosophy behind it to a rather charming Mini Cooper…

The cult phenomenon saw young enthusiasts transform their small-displacement motorcycles into minimalistic (and often highly tuned) shuttles that they raced between one café and another in the 1960s. Inspired by this, the two Ricardos from Portugeuse dealer Cool & Vintage decided to build two “hardcore yet very usable Minis with the exact same performance spec, so we could race each other through Lisbon’s narrow streets once the sun came down.” We’re sure their motives should be taken with a pinch of salt, but the Minis have been duly upgraded with brand-new 1300cc engines, new brakes and exhausts and, perhaps most importantly, a low-profile colour scheme. The first of the pair to be completed is now for sale (‘pillion’ passenger not included).

Photos: Cool & Vintage

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