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We almost forgot about this BMW from ‘Back to the Future’

The time-travelling DeLorean might have been the star of ‘Back to the Future II’, but the eagle-eyed among you would have spotted a number of other futuristic vehicles, including this BMW 635CSi…

If you’ve seen the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy, you'll know that when Marty McFly and Doc Brown landed in the year 2015 (on the 21 October, no less), the world had fundamentally changed from the one they had left behind in 1985. Cars had learned to fly, young people were surfing through the air on hoverboards wearing a bizarre mix of clothing, shoelaces were tying themselves, and ‘Jaws 19’ was showing at the cinema. Even classic cars were still being built, albeit in heavily modified form. 

This 1976 BMW 635CSi convertible starred in the film, belonging to Griff Tannen, the malicious grandson of Marty McFly’s adversary Biff Tannen. Thanks to the far-fetched technology of ‘the future’ – ahem, a forklift – the car could fly. Having languished in a number of collections over the years, it was recently bought by ‘Back to the Future’ fan and collector Jeff Chabotte, and extensively restored. It’s now ready for another rendezvous with McFly.