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Call the Carabinieri! This Lancia Aurelia is an Italian outlaw

Normally we associate outlaw builds with Porsche, but this fantastic Lancia Aurelia for sale with Canepa has us wondering which other cars should get the outlaw treatment.

Today, Lancia is most commonly known for their outrageous rally monsters from the late 20th century, but this 1954 Lancia Aurelia goes to show that any Lancia from any era has the potential to turn heads. One of only nine Lancia Aurelias restored and modified by Thornley Kelham, this navy blue bullet took over 5,000 hours to complete. As you might have noticed, the roofline has been lowered by three inches, while bespoke bodywork and a custom interior round off what is an utterly gorgeous tribute to the Bracco Aurelia race car. 

The exterior certainly looks the part, but what you’ll find underneath the bonnet is equally exciting. This Lancia is powered by a 2.8 litre V6 producing a more than adequate 225 horsepower, which we’re sure means this Aurelia is no slouch. Overall, we think this is an extremely appealing Italian classic, especially with those fantastic ivory wheels and stripe across the bonnet. So, if you’re tired of the Porsche outlaws having all the fun, why not join in the action by getting in touch with Canepa?