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DeLorean returns to the future with 300 strictly limited DMC-12s

Either it’s just returned from a trip to the future, or the DeLorean Motor Company genuinely believes that it can sell some 300 replica DMC-12s, priced at 100,000 US dollars each…

Original parts

Given that you can buy an immaculate DMC-12 in the Classic Driver Market for just 50,000 dollars, we imagine you’d have to be a diehard ‘Back to the Future’ fan to fork out the extra for a recreation, whether it features original parts or not. We’re yet to be convinced about this new venture from the DeLorean Motor Company, a business with no affiliation to the manufacturer of the original DMC-12 but established to supply parts and restoration services to DeLorean owners. One thing we will be glad of is the use of modern mechanicals to comply with current emission and safety regulations. The place where the original DMC-12 suffered most was in its lazy engine, and the replacement motor in the new car is rumoured to be a naturally aspirated Nissan V6. As you can see from the video, DMC is targeting young ‘Marty McFly’ wannabes, who are yet to discover the charms (the best way of putting it?) of owning a DeLorean. 

You can find a small selection of DeLoreans listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.