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The unique SP3JC is the convertible F12tdf that Ferrari never built

Ferrari has just revealed its latest one-off project: the SP3JC. Commissioned by a well-known British Ferrari collector, the F12tdf-based convertible is, according to its maker, ‘the ultimate expression of open-air motoring’…

While at first glance it might look like an 812 Superfast with the roof lopped off, there’s a lot more to this unique convertible Ferrari V12, which has been built by Ferrari’s Special Projects skunkworks over the last two years for a longstanding British collector. Based on the underpinnings of the hardcore F12tdf, the SP3JC is said to hark back to the marque’s drop-top V12s from the 1950s and ’60s, and the styling is certainly striking. The slatted rear fairing, ‘flying’ bridge between the roll hoops, glass inserts atop the bonnet, and distinctly shaped front air intake lend the car an individual aesthetic that, in our opinion, feels more resolved the longer you look at it. The Pop Art-inspired colour scheme is not to our tastes, though at least the interior is not as wild as we’ve seen on other personalised Ferraris of late – whoever thought different coloured seats were a good idea? Given the potency and razor-sharp character of the 770bhp F12tdf, we can only imagine how glorious the SP3JC will feel from behind the wheel, with its soul-stirring aural symphony entirely unobstructed. The word envy doesn’t begin to describe… 

Photos: Ferrari 

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