The J50 is a modern-day amalgamation of Ferrari’s greatest hits

To mark its 50th year selling cars in Japan, Ferrari has revealed the appropriately named J50 – a strictly limited roadster based on the 488 Spider, which recalls the styling of a number of the company’s best-known creations…

One of 10

Dreamt up by the team at Ferrari’s Special Projects skunkworks, the J50 was revealed today at the National Art Centre in Tokyo. Using the 488 Spider as its basis, the J50 is clothed in a dramatic and low-slung barchetta-style body that takes aesthetic cues from legendary Ferraris spanning its illustrious history – take the ‘helmet visor’ effect akin to the open competition cars of the 1950s and that black dividing line that gives the car an uncanny resemblance to the F50, for example. It’s also got a rear diffuser inspired by a jet’s afterburner engines, which is apt considering its lightning-quick acceleration. Just 10 will be built, each powered by a slightly more powerful (690HP) version of the 488’s turbocharged V8 and entirely bespoke to its owner. 

Photos: Ferrari

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