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Snapshot, 1948: Land Rover embraces life on the edge

It’s early April 1948, and there are just days before the very first Land Rover is set to be revealed at the Amsterdam Motor Show. The new British company is using this opportunity to show the world not just the aesthetic design of its new car, but also its off-roading prowess…

While most cars’ ‘safe operating angle’ is far less than five degrees, let alone 30, Land Rover isn’t here to be like most other automotive manufacturers. And although the Series I off-roader has been designed and built as a short-term venture to keep the Rover car company busy and in business throughout the depressed post-War years, the small company from Newborough, Anglesey, has a successful future ahead of it — one that not only includes a Royal Warrant from King George VI but also a devoted following from British and international fans alike. We’d like to wish a very happy 70th birthday to Land Rover — may you have at least another 70 years of pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Photos: Land Rover