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Morgan’s one-off beach car is built for cruising the English Riviera

We’ve seen the Fiat 500 Riva Edition, we’ve stared in amazement at the Rolls-Royce boattail, and now, Morgan wants in on the beachside cruiser action, and their one-off Plus 4 Spiaggina is ready for some summer sun.

Coachbuilding is a true art form. The ability to transform sometimes a scrambled vision in one’s head into a tangible, elegant piece of design is something only the very best can execute. Usually, the crazier the idea, the more flamboyant the end result is, and in the case of this commission by a prominent Morgan collector, they used every bit of their imagination to let Morgan run wild.

Inspired by the iconic Riviera beach cars of the 1950s and 60s, the Plus 4 Spiaggina is a one-off, and is a demonstration of Morgan’s ability to work closely with its clients to coachbuild unique specials. The Plus 4 Spiaggina is built on a one-off body, based on the established Morgan silhouette, open sides with a folding canopy roof, and of course, a completely bespoke interior.

Morgan is renowned for their craftsmanship, with almost every component of each car in their line-up being hand-built and assembled. The brand’s master craftsmen and women have been integral during the build process of the Plus 4 Spiaggina. 

Like any true one-off, only the highest quality materials have been used in its construction, including tan basketweave leather for the seats and interior trim, which takes inspiration from the wicker seats of the period Spiaggina cars. The interior features a prominent use of teak wood throughout, with the rear seats folding flat to expose a rear boat deck with cork inlay. The fringed canopy, which is hand fabricated from aluminium, folds at the centre and is lined with basketweave leather.

All this beach-themed goodness has us longing for a road trip in the sun. Gelato along the English Rivera, anyone?