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Now on Classic Driver Live: Lorenzo Ardizio from the Alfa Romeo Museum

We’ve got a real treat in store for you all on Classic Driver Live tonight. On the occasion of Alfa Romeo’s 110th birthday, the chief curator of the Museo Storico in Milan Lorenzo Ardizio will join our host JP Rathgen live from the museum’s top-secret storage facility…

Have you ever wondered where Alfa Romeo keeps the countless prototypes, concepts and racing cars that rotate around its magnificent museum’s ever-changing exhibits throughout the year? Well, that would be its top-secret warehouse, a place where, ahead of the marque’s 110th birthday on 24 June, our man Rémi Dargegen was invited to capture in all its mysterious, magical glory. You won’t believe the automotive treasures lurking in in the shadows, tucked away in far corners or sleeping beneath silk sheets – Alfa has 110 years of history, after all. “People, markets, cars and motorsport all change with the ages,” Lorenzo Ardizio, the Museo Storico’s chief curator told us. “Alfa Romeo was able not only to constantly reinvent itself in order to survive, but also act as a key protagonist throughout.” Ardizio will be joining our host JP Rathgen on tonight’s very special instalment of Classic Driver Live directly from the museum’s secret warehouse – you can catch the private tour on our Instagram channel live from 1900 CET/1800 BST on 24 June (110 years to the day after Alfa Romeo was founded). If you can’t make it, fear not – we’ll upload the entire conversation both to our IGTV channel and right here to this page.

Photos: Rémi Dargegen for Classic Driver © 2020

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