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Lotus wants to take a new road bike to the Tokyo Olympics

Lotus Engineering has teamed up with the high-tech bicycle maker Hope Technology to develop a new racing bike to be used by Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics next summer…

Lotus might be more commonly known for its lightweight sports cars, but cyclists are also familiar with the Norfolk-based brand, especially back in the early 1990s. Lotus developed a futuristic sports bike for Chris Boardman, with which he took Olympic gold in Barcelona in 1992 and the yellow jersey at the Tour de France in 1994. At next summer’s Tokyo Olympics, the British cycling team could build on this past success – together with Hope Technology, Lotus Engineering has developed an innovative, lightweight and stable track bike that will be developed in the coming weeks in accordance with the requirements of the IOC. This week, the Lotus bike will be displayed at the Rouleur Classic in London, the world’s finest road cycling exhibition.

Photos: Lotus Engineering