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Is this Spitfire-inspired Aston Martin the coolest special edition ever?

The Aston Martin Vantage has formed the basis of its fair share of spin-offs, but this V12 S ‘Spitfire 80’ special edition – which pays tribute to the 80th anniversary of the legendary Supermarine WWII aircraft – flies high above the others in terms of understated coolness…

Just as much a symbol of Britishness as it is a certified WWII hero, the Spitfire celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. This has inspired a British Aston Martin dealer to commission eight bespoke cars in tribute – and we think the result might be the coolest special edition we’ve ever come across. Rather than sprouting monstrous wings of its own like other recent limited-number Vantage specials such as the GT8 and GT12, the ‘Spitfire 80’ – based on the Vantage V12 S – goes about its business in a more understated manner.

Only a Merlin missing

Finished in a dark ‘Duxford Green’ hue named after the RAF site on which the first Spitfire squadron was stationed, it sports flashes of yellow that reference those applied to the wings of the historic aircraft. Duxford’s Aircraft Restoration Company hand-made some of the componentry (include the tailpipe finishers, whose rainbow ‘bloom’ effect matches the those of the aircraft), and interior touches include embroidered headrests and an RAF roundel integrated into the dashboard. Our favourite flourishes are even more subtle, however – note the script around the door-pulls, and the light green colour applied to the rear strut brace that pays homage to the exposed metalwork in the Spitfire’s cockpit. The only way Q could have made it cooler would’ve been to fit a Merlin engine.

Each ‘Spitfire 80’ Vantage S will cost £180,000, meaning there’s roughly a £40,000 premium over the standard car. However, that includes not only a healthy serving of exclusivity and kudos, but also a handover day at RAF Duxford – which includes a passenger flight in the legendary aircraft.

Photos: Aston Martin

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