Range Rover Autobiography Convertible: Heavyweight in a tutu

This is all rather disturbing. When a convertible version of the Range Rover Evoque was unveiled as a concept showcar at Geneva 2012, the reaction was mixed – but at least the unashamedly urban cruiser was chunkily elegant...

But that’s not the case with the drop-top Range Rover one-off created by California-based Newport Convertible Engineering. When the folding fabric roof is lowered, it leaves the rear windows and B-pillars standing proud… and we don’t like the angular, decapitated look one little bit. Some cars don’t lend themselves easily to ‘convertibilisation’ – or whatever the word is – and a no-nonsense off-roader is one of them. It takes, at the very least, the R&D infrastructure and design prowess of a company such as Land Rover to have a chance of making it work and, in our opinion, the gloriously macho lines of the Range Rover Autobiography should be left unsullied, except by the experts. Otherwise, it risks looking like a heavyweight boxer in a pink tutu.

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