1988 Ferrari Testarossa

3,598 kms (2,235 miles) from new


  • Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    2 235 mi / 3 597 km
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  • Condition 
    Original condition
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1988 Ferrari Testarossa

With just 3,598 kms (2,235 miles) from new, this 1988 time-capsule is the definitive example of the Ferrari Testarossa

The ultimate time warp survivor
Only 3,598 kms (2,235 miles) from new
Totally original
Retains books, tools and large luggage box
First owner for 20 years
Only two owners since
Part of a significant collection since 2012
Desirable European example

Capitalising on the era’s now-famed economic growth, Ferrari enjoyed a period of great business in the 1980s and, as orders rolled in, production numbers for its cars were rising. Spearheading the model range at the time was this, the Testarossa, which was introduced in 1984 as a significant improvement over the outgoing 512BBi.

The Testarossa was much more occupant-focussed and had an emphasis on cabin comfort & usability that hadn’t been seen in an Italian supercar before. Although noticeably larger than the 512, the necessary result of making more space for people and luggage, the Testarossa was more potent still, with its 12-cylinder engine tuned to 385bhp.

Motorsport magazine said of the Testarossa in 1986 that, “while the big red Ferrari is as willing as one could wish to sprint ahead, it is equally happy relaxing in a traffic stream where no overtaking is possible even for a car like this.”

“It appears well-built and nicely finished. It looks stunning, and generates attention like Joan Collins. But what in the end will most delight the owner are its dynamic ability and that glorious engine. The satisfaction from these cannot really be priced.”

But on the 30th May 1988 Herr Dieter Korch discovered that the price of all this satisfaction could actually be quantified, as he signed his order form and handed over DM 240.880,00 (approximately £75,000 at the time) for the car you see here today.

Korch, the founder of a successful auto glazing company in the Middle Rhine, would however be kept waiting for his new Ferrari and a letter from the Zender Exclusiv-Auto dealer in January 1989 explained that delays at the factory were to be blamed. Finally on the 16th May, almost exactly one year after placing his order, the original registration document was issued.

According to this original registration document, which has been kept with the car along with the original order forms and dealer correspondence, the Ferrari was only registered for use in the summer months and was annually stamped as ‘decommissioned’ from use over winter. The result of this is that Herr Korch had driven the Testarossa just 2,998kms by 8th September 1995, when the car was declared off the road for winter once more. The Ferrari remained in this state until May 2009, preserved impeccably for the future.

Having not used his Ferrari for fourteen years, Herr Korch finally parted with it in 2010 after a staggering 20-year ownership. The second owner, hotelier Manfred Petermann, added little to the Ferrari’s odometer before it joined one of Europe’s significant car collections in May 2012.

It was from this collection that we were able to acquire the Testarossa, which had still only covered a total of 3,598kms and came complete with all original books, spare keys, tool roll and front luggage case.

The biggest mistake that anyone could make when searching for a Ferrari Testarossa is assuming that they will all be largely the same. Their increased usability over previous Ferraris led to many examples reaching higher and higher mileages, with varying degrees of maintenance and mishaps along the way. With this Testarossa however, it is one of what must surely be very, very few that are absolutely like brand new.